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Garage Door Opener Services - Dallas, TX

Garage door openers are the most crucial components of your garage. They can really disrupt your routine when they go haywire. Although, a technician can only restore the condition of garage door openers, often people with minor knowledge try to fix the issue. However, it is always recommended to seek professional's help as garage door opener repair Dallas is not a DIY project. A professional can give you quick fix on a requested time. So, along with the garage door repair service, we, at Dallas Garage Door Specialists, also offer other recommended services for garage door opener either it be keyless garage door opener or electric garage door opener.

  • Garage Door Opener Installation Dallas
  • Garage Door Opener Maintenance Dallas
  • Garage Door Opener Inspection Dallas

Various Problems in a Garage Door Opener

Garage door not operating

When this problem crops up, there may be problem with the infra-red sensors of the garage door opener Dallas. For your safety, it is always advisable not to allow the door to close if the path of the infra-red rays is blocked. The door may not operate if the light sensor gets blocked with dirt or the wires in this part of the system. Also, the infrared radiator and receptor may get misaligned due to a jerk or any other reason, and the door may stop working.

The door getting closed completely and then opening up again

Your garage door opener is configured for maximum limits with respect to opening and closing. Both these limits should be configured properly in order to open and close the garage door to the desired limit values. If by chance, the door's close limit exceeds, then the system opens the door automatically by reversing the direction. You can read the user manual of the garage door opener or refer to the website of the garage door opener for an online manual to know about the specific adjustments that are required. If you are still not getting an idea how to configure the mechanism, call for Dallas Garage Door Specialists for instant garage door opener service Dallas area.

Grinding, whirring and scraping sounds

These types of sounds are caused in the moving parts of the machine or the parts that are aligned by the side of the moving parts, such as gears, motors, and the wheel tracks. Often greasing and oiling are instantaneous solutions to such problems, but if you are not sure from where this sound is coming, then seek professional's advice.

Other than these issues mentioned above, several countless issues may arise in your garage door that calls for an expert service. The best way to avert these occurrences is to opt for periodical maintenance and inspection services for your garage doors in Dallas. Also, you should read the user manual fully and comply with the recommendations and precautions related to your garage door.


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